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Budo X Ayano || I hate you i love you
I DONT OWN ANY ART IN HERE. ITS MY OTP OMG i hate senpai i wish this ship was canon :'D psst this is the best ship ever
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nightcore// death, misfortune, and the amanojaku
im sorry i have no time to upload or do anythiiiiing ;___; and just doing and missing shit randomlyy,, bbut,,, but ehh..im a masa trash so here you have this ;_;?
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be quiet || SPEEDPAINT
it did not come out as good as i imagined it but it's still fine i think!!
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diabolik lovers amv. in these shadows
Yay XD i dont own any clips in this, i was just lazy and i wanted to do something epic and yee.. please dont kill me for this ;W;
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mouth wide open
I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS VIDEO THAT I SINNED. BUT I JUST HAD TO. I JUST HAD TO : ( kanna kamui, is just a lil cinnamon roll we all gotta protect!1
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i ship it [MEME]
original by deadlyfang
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Dont Touch Chichinashi Meme
idk who made the orginal xD god pws have mercy on my soul WHAT IS THIS
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[watching me] || meme
THAT LITTLE WHITE DOT IS ME GJOPASŞLGJASŞ;; lol, i dont know this looks horrible but i dont even have time to pratice so here u go;; it is not my best because i was scared sony vegas would crash :VV;; also idk who made the original ;W; sorry
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Smoke and Mirrors xx-MMD-xx
i don't own anything the model is an edit :'3
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|| brave honest beautiful part 19 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ||
yeah i failed but i tried my best ;-; hope it still fits.. i newly have sony vegas and yeh, im still learning but here you go ;_; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7fElzH8SR0
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flowers || meme
original meme by taco bear
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Eleanor (Sarcasm) - Speedpaint
Eleanor Belongs To Me. ~ Hope you like her.
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speedpaint/edit|| im gonna get you
i uploaded this on my side account on mistake, sigh.. ;_; again. but i was in a hurry so hope you like it. --------------------------------- song- one way or another- until the ribbon breaks character- my own oc. see http://pfutziie.deviantart.com/art/one-way-or-another-im-gonna-get-you-651769148
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MMD / doll house
dl : doll house. idk who made this model, gomen. its my first mmd ever.........so its horrible, im sorry...
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Foxy ♥ 0w0
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Version 2
idk which one was better so here s another onee
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Ayumi Shiori
this is random lol
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There is no D in me - İchi and Kara MMD XD
FŞADSGJASŞGAŞSKG models and motion arent mine~
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That obvious Jyushimatsu -MMD
models and motion arent mine~
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a map [OC]
sorry for ears lol :'D
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Random test 1
I dont know what is this i was just trying to figure out what the hell i can do with flipaclip? And it turned out as shitty thingy
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idek. i'll update the desc laterlol
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sweet serial killer.
idk what this trash is but i wanted to upload something,,, pls dont kill me for using amvs,,,
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mikan tsumiki~bubblegum tragedies
idk this is a shitpost i know, and i also uploaded this on wrong channel and i freaked out asap ;_; SLSŞLJSDLJGŞLSDJGŞSDLJGSŞDLG welp, i may upload a speedpaint tomorrow,,,idk...... my drawing has been shit lately
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who is in control?
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homudoka jenny
homura and madoka are my forever otp btw i didnt made the last clips, i dont own anything expect the video
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