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How to create labels in Word
It should be simple, but sometimes finding the way to create a page of labels in Word can be frustrating. This simple video will show you step-by-step how to create an entire sheet of the same labels to use for mailing, sticking, or whatever you like!
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How to insert a picture or clipart into a Word document.mp4
A description of how to insert a picture or clipart and apply text wrapping and other formats in the newer (2007-2010) Word software. This video is done on a PC, but the Mac version will work similarly.
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How to Fill in PDF Forms
We have all received forms in PDF format by email or from the internet. You are asked to fill it in, but how? Most of us print the thing, fill it in by hand and mail or scan it. Did you know that you can fill it in right on your computer and even sign it? Here's how, quickly and easily.
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How to create labels with clipart in Word
This quick and easy video will show you the right way to create a sheet of labels from a list you've created--and add decoration in the form of clipart or a photo! If you've struggled with getting this right, this is your answer.
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How to Make a List or Table in Excel 2007-2011
You can use Excel to make great lists that include months, days or other items quickly and easily. No need to type out rows or columns.
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Use Outlook to Create a Prioritized Task List from Emails
The task list may be the most underutilized and valuable features of Outlook. Simply flagging emails to follow up is not very useful. This video describes a simple method where you can create prioritized tasks with useful names from emails and incorporate them into a great task list that is sorted by priority and date due.
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How to Create a Simple Budget with Excel
This is a great way for even beginners to put their budgets on the computer. If you want a simple budget, and an introduction to using Excel, this is for you. No need to purchase a special financial package to get started!
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How to Use Microsoft One Note to Snip and Paste Anything!
While One Note comes with almost all Microsoft Office Suites for PC, not all that many users actually learn to use it. Whether you use the notebook functions of One Note or not, there is a little-known feature included that you will use with EVERY application you have! It is a great and simple snip and save feature. Snip parts of webpages, documents, pictures--anything on your computer screen! Here are simple instructions.
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Open your Google Search results in a New Tab
If you do a lot of searching online (who doesn't?), you know how frustrating it is to have to keep going back and search again for the best site. Take a look at this video to see how to keep that search window open while you hunt for the best solution!
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How to Add Columns for Sorting Files in Windows
If you have ever wanted to sort your files (photos, docs, etc.) or find them by different characteristics than the standard in Windows, here is a simple way. Just add columns to the Detailed List in Windows Explorer, the place where Windows stores your files.
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How to get rid of the  "Secure Content" Message in IE.mp4
Internet Explorer 9 has an annoying message that often appears at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to show secure content. Here is how to stop it from popping up.
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How to Create a Simple Text Table in Excel
Excel is not only for making complicated spreadsheets with calculations! It's also perfect for creating lists of people and other items. You can sort on any field and filter as well.
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How to Get Rid of Old Email Addresses that Autofill in Outlook
You know the scenario. Your friend has a new email address, and you have dutifully changed it in your Outlook Contact list. But when you go to send a new email to this person, and begin typing her name next to the To:, sure enough the old address still shows up! This quick video will show you how to simply get rid of annoying old email addresses for good. Demonstrated on Outlook 2013, but the method is the same for 2010 and similar for Apple Mail.
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Fun Tips in Word 2010 and Onward
This video is for beginner and more advanced Word users. In it, some of the cool new features of Word beginning with the 2010 version are illustrated. In addition, the differences between the Windows and Mac versions are highlighted. A few quick tips that you may not have known about will make working with Word easier and more fun!
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How to create a database in Excel with leading zeros in zip code
You can use Excel to create a simple database that you can use to create envelopes, emails, letters and more. One of the most frustrating parts about this type of data is that leading zeros in zip codes are cut off. "04103" becomes "4103" for instance. This easy to follow video shows you how to create your table from beginning to end, and easily take care of that zero problem.
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How to save files as PDF's
You probably receive PDF files in your emails all the time. They are great, because anyone can open them regardless of computer type, even tablets and smartphones. And, the recipient will receive the file exactly as it was formatted. Here, a simple guide to converting your own Microsoft Office files to PDF format.
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