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Get All Thaumcraft Aspects (No Scanning)
Angered by pointless scanning and cryptic clues? You've come to the right place. I'm using Thaumcraft 4.2 in 2015.
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Get cobalt in tinkers construct
This is for 1.10.2+
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Enhanced Portals Feed the Beast Part 1
I create a simple portal system.
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Rustic Mod Spotlight
Plants, decorations and alchemy. Check it out.
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Reliquary Part 1
I look at how to get charged creepers to craft the eye of the storm for the rending gale.
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Water Strainer Mod Spotlight
I explain the biomes and the distance from the water source blocks required to get the highest output from the three water strainers.
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Dynamic Surroundings Mod Spotlight
Lots of features from this mod.
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Vampirism Mod 1.10.2
Both vampire / vampire hunter getting started.
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Feed the Beast Blood Magic Part 4
The focus now becomes the upgrade to the Tier 2 Blood Altar. Here I look at the Blood Rune and the Speed Rune.
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Snad / Ender Compass Mods
A couple of tiny mods that add a block each that have very useful features.
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The Betweenlands Mod 1.12.2
Simple brewing.
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Bibliocraft Mod Spotlight
1.10.2+ version. Typesettting table, printing press and a lot more besides. Check it out.
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Set up variables in RFTools Control
I set up variables to count items in a chest and read the energy stored in a capacitor bank.
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Pam's Harvest Craft Feed the Beast Part 2
Here I complete my review of all the different normal crops available. I then turn my attention to the trees and note the produce growth stages and types of tree available. The cinnamon tree has the property that bonemeal can be used on the tree bark itself. I then look at the regrowth crops and the normal and regrowth bushes.
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Thaumcraft 6 Mod 1.10.2
Getting started with the basics.
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Ceramics Mod Spotlight
Differences between clay and porcelain barrels and the porcelain faucets and channels.
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Pam's Harvest Craft Feed the Beast Part 1
This is a detailed documentation of an important mod in Magic Farm that introduces a large amount of new items. I discuss a lot of recipes using the utensils implemented in the Base Mod and I explain the difference between normal and regrowth crops. I consider the types of items available and go through some normal crop seeds and explain their growth processes. I also consider and explain the implementation of this mod in Feed the Beast.
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Custom NPCs Quest Setup
How to set up a quest and assign it to an NPC.
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Rockhounding Mod Spotlight #1
Covering chemistry and the other rockhounding mods.
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Runes of Wizardry Part 3
I check out the rune of dusk which greatly lowers the duration of the night.
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Growthcraft Feed the Beast Part 1
This mod adds interesting growth mechanics and a few new blocks, including the Fruit Press and Fermenting Barrel. I look at apples, grapes, rice, hops and bamboo.
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Vanilla Magic Mod Part 1
All seven altar tiers and all transmutation recipes.
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Runes of Wizardry Part 2
I check out some more runes including the rune of the leaping frog.
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Glass Mod Spotlight
Panoramic qtvr style rendering.
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Cyberware Mod Spotlight
Turn salvaged parts into hybrot augments. Also the addon mod wired: more augs.
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Summon Multiple Mobs in One Command
How to summon a set of enemies in one command.
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Soulus Mod Spotlight
Custom spawning system mod for 1.12.2.
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Runes of Wizardry Part 1
I check out some of the early game, including the rune of lumber.
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Deep Mob Learning Mod Spotlight
Mob spawning mod for faster loot gathering.
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Runes of Wizardry Part 4
I check out the rune of locked time which freezes the day cycle and also prevents blocks such as sand from falling.
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Minecraft 1.6.4 FTB Crash Landing Part 1
Crash Landing is a HQM map with a high difficulty curve.
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Runes of Wizardry Part 9
I check out the rune of the mountain.
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Embers Rekindled Mod Spotlight
All the things - late 1.12.2 version #embers #embersrekindled
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MagicBooks Mod Spotlight
Books, Runes, check it out.
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The One Probe Mod Spotlight
Covering various features and modes.
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Sea Giant Treasure Chest Opening - Hearthstone
I open the sea giant (rank 5) chest at the end of the season.
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Psi Part 6
I take a look at combining break block sequence with a regular raycast to define the starting position and a vector construct to define the endpoint.
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Astral Sorcery Telescope
Hand Telescope / Telescope Usage
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Minecraft PC Gamer Demo
In this video I run through the PC Gamer demo of Minecraft which is a demo version of Minecraft Beta 1.3.
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Vanilla Magic Mod Part 2
Summoning mobs, meteors, horde, teleporting and a lot more as I look at all the features and abilities that are in this mod.
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Village Box Mod 1.10.2
I look at the basic functionality of this mod.
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Astral Sorcery Part 1
I quickly cover the basics.
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Evilcraft Mod 1.10.2
Getting started with the basics.
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Minecraft 1.4.7 FTB Tech World Part 1
Here begins a new survival series dedicated to exploring all the mods, setting up mining solutions, power generation, base building, transportation and different approaches to the standard vanilla experience.
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Place blocks at long range with Psi
Here I look at using place block and place block sequence to place blocks at a distance.
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Psi Part 11
I check out the mass exodus function which moves entities to a target position.
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Bees - Purifying a Mutation
In this episode I wanted to purify the Cultivated mutation and perhaps to clarify things a little better. This process should be conducted in the following manner and only if the following is true. Fertility of both parents must be 2x or above. There must be a princess and a drone which are both hybrids and both contain one copy of the cultivated gene. In this example I have used a Cultivated-Wintry and a Common-Cultivated and the aim is to get a species homogenous Cultivated. Each of these two bees contains one copy of the species gene Cultivated. This means that in a Bee House there is a 25% chance on creation that the bee will be species homogenous Cultivated as it is one of the four results that can occur. Once this occurs and a species homogenous princess or drone is created it can then be mixed with a heterogenous Cultivated bee and this will increase the chances of acquiring a species homogenous Cultivated to 50%.
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Rockhounding Mod 1.12.2
Rocks and Minerals
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Bionisation 3 Mod Spotlight
Bacteria and viruses as well as machines and changes to mob spawning.
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Get huge mushrooms in Minecraft
An easy method to get infinite mushrooms in Minecraft.
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