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Design and Print Your Own Labels - DIY - Make Your Own Avery Labels/Stickers

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Check out this step-by-step guide showing how to make your own DIY product labels/stickers using the free software from; https://www.avery.com/ CHECK OUT MY ETSY SHOP!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimberRidgeGifts - CHECK OUT MY AMAZON INFLUENCERS PAGE https://www.amazon.com/shop/TimberRidgeGifts - LIKE MY CHANNEL? CLICK HERE TO SHOW SOME LOVE! https://www.youtube.com/timberridgegifts?sub_sonfirmation=1 '
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Text Comments (40)
Tammy (7 days ago)
Thank you so much. Just found you today. So glad!!
Robert Evans (18 days ago)
Hello Tim, You do a wonderful job in each of your videos. I have a simple question about your labels. What size label do you use for the side of your 8oz and 4oz metal can candles?
Matt M (1 month ago)
What printer do you use?
Jill Mahabir (2 months ago)
Hi Tim. Thanks. You teach me soooo much. I greatly appreciate it.
Robin Reynolds (2 months ago)
How can i only print 2 labels on a sheet?
Jerry Walker (2 months ago)
Solid tutorial, covered what we need to know without delving too deep into unnecessary bells and whistles to confuse everyone who is just starting out. Well done sir you earned a like.
mark blanchard (3 months ago)
For those of us who don't have a color printer, ... yet, this is excellent! Great video. Thank you!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks! Glad You Enjoyed!
inkyimpressions (3 months ago)
Hi Tim! I’m actually in the market for a new printer as mine is acting weird. It is my understanding that you use the HP 8702 all in one printer? How long have you had it? How is it on ink? How often do you have to replace the ink cartridges? How many labels a month would you say that you print? I see at Walmart the color cartridges are about $23 each and the black ink cartridges are about $33 each. Are you pretty satisfied overall with the printer? Sorry for the 972 questions.... I just am so sick of buying printers that are either bombs or are terrible on ink! Thanks so much for all your help as always! God Bless! 😇🙏🏼
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
That is what I use. It's not bad, but it's one of those things that are too expensive to experiment with lol. There may be a ton of printers out there that are better, but the one I have does well enough, so I can't go experimenting to see if there are better options. But for my money it does what I need it to. The cartridges cost about what any other one costs I suppose. A set of cartridges will last me about a month, and I probably print 75-100 sheets of labels each month. It may or may not ultimately be the greatest option, but it prints good and doesn't seem like it's breaking the bank.
Rosy Romero (3 months ago)
Your the bomb!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
LOL Thanks!
Paulette young (3 months ago)
Hello Tim I also print my own labels I find it more convenient
Marisa James (3 months ago)
Great video thank you!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks! Glad You Enjoyed!
Nora Ledford (3 months ago)
thank you!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Brenda Bodwin (3 months ago)
Wow! Fantastic step by step tutorial. Very nice.👍🏼 Can we expect another Father Daughter video any time soon? 😁
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks! Hopefully soon I'll get my little monster back in the candle room for another video.
Jill Gross (3 months ago)
Now this is just to funny. You choose a label, use my name, my birthday was mid January and I couldn't help but smile and laugh! Your videos tend to make me smile a lot because you are an excellent story teller and you have a great sense of humor! I love Avery labels, they are easy to use. I use Online labels only because they are cheaper, but you can still use the Avery design studio and find the matching label at Online labels. So kind of a win/win deal! Thanks for making me smile!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
LLOL I must be psychic
Tisha Tittle (3 months ago)
yes it was helpful, I use avery too and there a thing or 2 I was wondering about so thanks very much Tim
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Angela Farrugia (3 months ago)
Love watching your videos you are very help full
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Joel Baker (3 months ago)
Love it didnt know they had so much on there
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
It's great! And FREE!!!!
j m (3 months ago)
so very helpful. thanks Tim!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Shirl Bussman (3 months ago)
I need to make this sticker label for my channel and I think you just made my day. All the Best ~ shirl
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks! Glad I could help.
C LM (3 months ago)
Tim, Thank you for sharing this information. However, you picked a hippo over a unicorn? 😢😭😢
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
lol. I've got 3 daughters. I can only look at so many unicorns.
Timothy Feltman (3 months ago)
Very helpful, great job!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Kyle Johns (3 months ago)
Do you have any advice on printers? which do you use?
Kyle Johns (3 months ago)
+Leticia Graham thank you!
Leticia Graham (3 months ago)
Kyle Johns I asked the same question on a previous video. He stated HP OfficeJet 8702 for product labels.
Kathleen Schmitz (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I've been waiting for this topic!
Timber Ridge Gifts (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!

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