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Castle Black Runs Red - Trouble in Terrorist Town Funny Moments #27

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yeah i dunno anything about this show at all, all i know is that the name of this map is castle black and that's a color and red is the traitor color so there ya go. somethin about a wall too, but i couldn't think of any wall related humor, i've failed you. 5% discount on ASTRO gear: http://www.astro.family/Datto (new international links coming soon) Need a good chair? SecretLab has you covered, use my referral link here: http://bit.ly/DattoChair (United States and SE Asia Only) If you enjoyed the video, a positive rating is always appreciated. Subscribe to the channel for more Destiny: http://bit.ly/SubToDatto Datto Does Destiny Social Media: Twitter: http://twitter.com/DattosDestiny Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DattoDoesDestiny
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Text Comments (68)
wyvern gaming (6 months ago)
5:14 im litterally dying
William Huffman (6 months ago)
Why is datto the only one who ever picks up the DNA scanner?
Chris Jensen (9 months ago)
can you post a link for the steam workshop collection you guys use for ttt please ?
Jayden Meyer (10 months ago)
I feel like I'm watching a serial killer documentary every traitor round
Just Dari (10 months ago)
"HEy! Datto! I saw that, don't you shoot him!" "Bro...bro. Come on bro."
Lukewuzhere (10 months ago)
What was so funny about Dork's death in the first part? Did I miss something?
Nate Coke (10 months ago)
yo who all does he play with
Anonymous - (15 days ago)
+Penguin Animations and Versus
Penguin Animations (8 months ago)
Nate Coke Fruit, Blue, Rhabby, Dork, Blessious, and Aaerios. Sometimes Ebear but he’s not in this video.
Nicholas Zamora (10 months ago)
Andrew Pressley (10 months ago)
God damn that fucking fart hahahah
Argot ElWarrior (10 months ago)
Make merch please
killerdonut (10 months ago)
Honestly fuck destiny, your ttt videos are amazing
Exquisite video datto, well done
BewitchedRiddle (10 months ago)
That's a good spoiler free description right there. Fruit could learn a thing or two from you.
Zangetsuv2 (10 months ago)
I'm still waiting on the full on Traitor on Traitor kill before the end of a match.
SpiritNoYoso (10 months ago)
Bless remind me of any Skyrim NPC
Connor V (10 months ago)
I watch both your ttt and destiny vids. Both are great in their own way, but making ttt videos seems way to much fun. I also play ttt myself with friends, but we instead go on random servers and rdm. It’s really funny and I’m banned from at least 20 different servers. Heh heh
Connor V (10 months ago)
More people on your channel should watch these
DoctorsHateThis _ (10 months ago)
Solid music choices
hi how are you (10 months ago)
0:41 no, but Xol will probably break it (For the 5% of people who actually get that reference)
pal buddy friend guy (10 months ago)
Came for destiny, stayed for TTT
Sochi Kai (10 months ago)
That fart was amazing.
Jose Cazares (10 months ago)
Is versus Ned from Spiderman Homecoming?
SeniorMeow (10 months ago)
Best series
B Punkster 3 (10 months ago)
i love these episodes. upload them more plz
Ahmar Scott (10 months ago)
Happy Birthday
Keishun Taylor (10 months ago)
Hey datto would you mind doing a video on how you make a ttt server to play with friends? I would love to have my own ttt moments with friends but idk how to get it started and most if not all tutorials are based on the old Garys mod
Valderhide (10 months ago)
Anyone else get excited when a new TTT gets released?
Joesama (10 months ago)
The music and amount of items you use, makes for some awesome traitor rounds.
FlashNerd (10 months ago)
Datto- “Something something birthday you didn’t die, that’s pretty neat! Something else now you’re older!”
Julian R (10 months ago)
I love the way Datto just calmly executes people lol
DeepSpace (10 months ago)
_silence_ *POOOOOT*
Potato (10 months ago)
glad datto knows nothing about this show either cause neither do i :v
Ty Holloway (10 months ago)
“Four score and seven years ago” fruit is losing it
Sergi Arilla (10 months ago)
Dude.... Bro.... Dude...
Mr. Blackwood (10 months ago)
Datto is a God :D
Tracer (10 months ago)
Woah Datto we got the wipe transitions going strong now
temsik (10 months ago)
“Datto, more like, Catto. (Since he’s sneaky)” *Snorting laugh under my breath* *No one laughs* “I’ll show myself out”
SAG3 (10 months ago)
Honestly what are we doing? Racing or terrorist hunt?
Rellek (10 months ago)
Zack Zander (10 months ago)
7:06 -Knife as an innocent.. what can go wrong?- Never mind, I was expecting some sick plays
Essa_TheKiller (10 months ago)
Can u post another video talking about your thoughts of (anything you want ) about destiny 2 please :) :) :) I just love these kind of videos :):)
Zach Johnson (10 months ago)
One minute in and we’re already tripwiring. This’ll be a good episode.
Zach Johnson (10 months ago)
Ryan Gianola I was also the guy who started the Joey Manhunt of 2018.
Ryan Gianola (10 months ago)
Zach Johnson I saw your username in Mr. Fruit’s Overwatch video comment section
Bimey (10 months ago)
You should check out Morbus. It's similar to TTT, but it's more horror-oriented.
alex ladhur (10 months ago)
yay! another episode of poggers!
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
alex ladhur no
E M (10 months ago)
this video is stupid
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
E M you’re stupid \_(“)_/
totalkiller2000 (10 months ago)
MY man Datto Pumping out them vids harder than a minecraft piston. keep it up man
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
totalkiller2000 that’s big gae \_(“)_/
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
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AngryCanadianEH (10 months ago)
Papa bless the ttt video in these dark times of fortnite
Rat (10 months ago)
How has this game not torn your friendships apart?!?
Zach Johnson (10 months ago)
Are we playing chess or checkers? Or is it an Abe Lincoln speech? Or is it Finding Nemo?!?! Someone help me!!!!
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
Zach Johnson it’s your mum
Jack Fowler (10 months ago)
Martian_Gaming (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks they 100% enjoy playing and recording this?
Epooders 2187 (10 months ago)
Aziz Sharaf *cough* rust *cough* *cough*
Aziz Sharaf (10 months ago)
Martian_Gaming they do, why would they record something they don't find fun
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
Martian_Gaming yes
A Decisive Pie (10 months ago)
Connor Taquino (10 months ago)
Jack Sully (10 months ago)
zTenshiin do you reply in every comment
zTenshiin (10 months ago)
Sully 1 yes he does
Jack Sully (10 months ago)
sup Kirito wow do you want a fucking medal

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