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Yes, Papa. (Animation)

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Johnny's been a bad little boy; first eating sugar, and now candy? Papa has had his fill of the child's hijinks. Now open your mouth. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Narmak Twitter: https://twitter.com/NARMAK13 Discord: https://discord.gg/Narmak Newgrounds: http://narmak.newgrounds.com/follow
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Text Comments (47532)
Narmak (8 months ago)
This is probably the worst idea I've ever had. Check out the quality settings: all my animations will now go up to 1440p! For those THICC resolution bois. Also, both Johnny Joestar and Papa Joestar will battle in the Discord, come join to see!! --> discord.gg/narmak
Dylee (1 month ago)
Plz make a fight scene of this
Chloe Animations (2 months ago)
John Bean (2 months ago)
Last reply haha fuckers
Mankiller3.0 :? (7 minutes ago)
This is so ridiculous I love it
Luck (1 hour ago)
Johnny johnny Jojo?
Luna dalis Playsman (1 hour ago)
corbert Lovely (2 hours ago)
Dad:Open your mouth Johnny: ZA WARUDO
Lenderman Du gaming (2 hours ago)
Sapphire Alex (3 hours ago)
Joshua Davis (3 hours ago)
whatever_ImAGirl (3 hours ago)
I nearly chocked
Kimberly M. (6 hours ago)
Yo ur animations r on point
duog nguyeen (7 hours ago)
Do the next episode of this please
Cauã Xavier (7 hours ago)
So the Hamon users still alive
Jimbo random (8 hours ago)
Wait is that a jojo reference
Keshawn Strother (9 hours ago)
What an unexpected turn of events.
Nebojsa Jankovic (10 hours ago)
Where's johny's mom she will call police
Felli Fell (10 hours ago)
осдр. одинешенек непрерывный джоджо референс. мне становится жутко..
Ade Raihanah (10 hours ago)
1:03 Johnny's momma is Dio Brando. Confirmed
MeimuLoves Enderman (10 hours ago)
0:35 Johnny's voice became an adult's voice PAPA PAPA YES JOHNNY? do you love me no johnny that how johnny became evil
Kal Abraham (11 hours ago)
My favorite arc was the talking refrigerator arc.
Ognjen Racic (12 hours ago)
Kinq Crimson (12 hours ago)
So what about having him be Johnny Joestar from Part 7.
Edanski 77 (12 hours ago)
Is this a jojos reference?
Pure Evil (13 hours ago)
Later Papa will break his legs, but Johnny gets to kill him first. Tune in next time on Steel Ball Run.
Pastel gothicorn (13 hours ago)
boi ! this went left! : D
Лилия Соби (16 hours ago)
Aruna Naidu (18 hours ago)
can anyone tell me the music at 1:33 please?
PurplDVA (18 hours ago)
I love this
ßėœż Æ (19 hours ago)
Can you make part 2?
pickled strawberry (21 hours ago)
the new guy :b (21 hours ago)
Thekatattack (21 hours ago)
My only regret is that I didn't watch this sooner
felix carmona (21 hours ago)
That baby got sonido!!!
golden laviathan (22 hours ago)
You thought it was the the mother BUT IT WAS I DIO
Crawling Chaos (22 hours ago)
Does anybody know which song is played on the background? It sounds super epic.
David Graves (23 hours ago)
Forget the JoJo parody, where dat music from?
卍卐 (22 hours ago)
Fire Emblema Echoes Shadows of Valentia, Twilight of the Gods
GachaMiaSquad (23 hours ago)
Estan Le (1 day ago)
Lawyer: why are we on trial again? Johnny: because I ate candy. Lawyer: that doesn't explain the corpse, but ok.
Hiro Tashi (1 day ago)
What's that music at the end though?
xXxRock CandyxXx (1 day ago)
When he grabs the baby: *DaMn. Alright it aint that serious*
Thales Melo (1 day ago)
wolf girl is life (1 day ago)
What did I just watch?!??! Lmao
Otaku Citizen (1 day ago)
Me and my friend died because of this XD
FELL Sans (1 day ago)
Where is part two??
Blanka Bontovics (1 day ago)
Oh my God. Youtube always recommended this to me but I never watched it. I am so glad I did. Now I want a full anime of this!
Jual Harvey (1 day ago)
Death13 in a nutshell
aldo biondo (1 day ago)
Why is nobody concerned that johnny's mom is DIO?
Fkn KRS (1 day ago)
God took the wrong son
DemonKing (1 day ago)
TJS DS (1 day ago)
0:36 best pa pa part😂🤣
Azra Almila ÖZKUL (1 day ago)
*it looks like a epic fight is coming*
Teddy Taw (1 day ago)
It's been lesser then 20 seconds and this escalated harder then a mall
HomeboyDino (1 day ago)
*Top ten anime betrayals number 15: Johnny Johnny*
Evil Papa
aksbs (1 day ago)
arcade 111 (1 day ago)
what are their stand abilities???
Pato ElTrapo (1 day ago)
Dandeman (1 day ago)
Uuuuuuuuh wut
CuteKatPhish UwU (1 day ago)
So why am I watching this again?
Unknown Gaming (1 day ago)
Taran Smith (1 day ago)
What is the theme song used in the background of the of the video?
THE END (1 day ago)
Did Johnny and his dad go super sayian
ItsElliatoo (1 day ago)
Is that a JoJo reference?
Netflix origenal comfiermed
Neivt Rodiguez (1 day ago)
Omg dio is his mother 😮
キサンドラ (1 day ago)
Escanor vs one punch man in a nutshell
Bloom Flames (1 day ago)
You guys say it’s animation but it’s anime get it right please
I finally understand this now...
Maho (2 days ago)
I, Johnny Johnny, have a dream.
Dx Gaming (2 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like assassin hit
Atuncito con mayo (2 days ago)
Nasty Princess (2 days ago)
Dude this came out on my friends birthday lol
Yoshi Taitano (2 days ago)
James Charles almost played a reverse uno card as powerful as Johnny’s
The Red Menace (1 day ago)
Your animation is so clean bro.
Trash (2 days ago)
“ the cutest little baby “ ...about that
Dank Chihuahua (2 days ago)
Dio is the mother ? I'm glad YouTube suggested me this.
TLS (2 days ago)
Wtf 🤣
Unknown Unknown (2 days ago)
Why am I still here? The meme died. But holy crap is this great! It is!
viatrix beatus (2 days ago)
Mika Miori (2 days ago)
Добавьте плиС российские субтитры
David Zavala (2 days ago)
Holy shit man dam bro
Random Returns 11 (2 days ago)
Not candy its *STEROIDSSSSS*
Ted from Accounting (2 days ago)
What are their stands?
xxmanxxrox_official (2 days ago)
Super Smiles (2 days ago)
Me: aw this is kinda cute 1 min later Me: oh what?? 2 more mins later Me: this is the most intense thing I have seen
Маяковский (2 days ago)
Is it evil Onepunchman baby?
Vadidos 1 (2 days ago)
0:30 - omaewa wa mou shindeiru - NANI? -NANI?
Vortex Ultimate (2 days ago)
that’s a twist
IPushA (2 days ago)
Wow he actually predicted Ultra instinct SHAGGY at 0:08
Chaos Yeshua (2 days ago)
Nice fire emblem song at the end XD
Jasiek Mikolajewski (2 days ago)
Is this a jojo refference?
The Bincks (2 days ago)
I saw dio giving birth
Darkness TV (2 days ago)
Ehhhhhhhhh where’s part 2
FBI (2 days ago)
Is this a jjba reference
Natsu Dragneel (2 days ago)
Should have added the to be continued in the end with the song
Sayori Chr (2 days ago)
*[Top 10 dramatic anime cliffhangers]*
Zarzar Malcolm (2 days ago)
Epic epic Yes titled Do you love me No tiled 😂😂😂😂😝😩
The Legion (2 days ago)
0.01 For ASMR. lol.
katfmb (2 days ago)
okay I think this meme has been taken too far
Francisco Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Good animation skills though

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