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Black Widow Trailer - SNL

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In her first standalone film, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) juggles an internship at Fashion Weekly magazine and a complicated relationship with boyfriend Ultron. #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (12037)
Ben (2 hours ago)
Little did she know Hawkeye eliminated Black widow to a great fall from 259m
Negro life (2 hours ago)
deriva 9510 (2 hours ago)
Yeah 2016
Mags (3 hours ago)
It’s ironic now, because there’s gonna be a Black Widow movie-
Max Builds (21 hours ago)
What if this is the black widow movie in 2020
patriotpioneer (1 day ago)
SNL is still on the air...? how quaint...
Myrin (1 day ago)
and now we're actually getting a black widow movie too bad it's a prequel because you know endgame freaking KILLED HER
Exploit (1 day ago)
Mabye it happened during those 5 years in endgame
Now there’s a movie coming out
MCU Fan 1000 (1 day ago)
Fatima Hayat (1 day ago)
i like how she says black widow instead of natasha lol
My05bmwx5 (1 day ago)
What the fuck this most be the fackest Video thay would gave the real trailer on Sony
The Amazing 3 (1 day ago)
WTH 😶😶😶
Lalu Ridwan (1 day ago)
What was scarlet thinking about this
Angelo Espada (1 day ago)
😁 activated.
white Humphrey (1 day ago)
She loves falling into alot of things 😂#endgame
N ot Me (1 day ago)
I guess Batman not getting his freaky on
will nash (2 days ago)
I wish this was a movie
Khairul Gaming (2 days ago)
yeah 2019 now
Nobody Important (2 days ago)
This is literally the cw supergirl lmao
M18 Cuber (2 days ago)
Who is here in 2019, and finaaly now there is an announcement for a Black Widow movie
Ava Walia (2 days ago)
I love Black Widow so much but this is really stupid
Nina Jędraszko (2 days ago)
Are you serious?🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thanos (2 days ago)
Theres Thor Movies,captain america,iron man,hulk but what about black widow... Hawkeye: Am i a joke to you?
pankaj parihar (2 days ago)
The children of black widow and Ultron would be robosapiens😝😝😝
Jenny Moe (2 days ago)
I would actually watch it tho, gay best friend Thor is so amazing. I want more of him. I also really need a light hearted chill Marvel movie after that nightmare called Endgame
Stevdza /// (2 days ago)
송수현 (2 days ago)
Who miss Black Widow..??
EsShadowWitch (2 days ago)
Now a black widow movie is coming out! :D
Blue eyes Ender Man (2 days ago)
Black widow movies coming out in 2020 not 2016
Julio Orantes (3 days ago)
ahmed sayed (3 days ago)
Pinus activated😂💣💥
ahmed sayed (3 days ago)
Big lol
ahmed sayed (3 days ago)
Pinus activated😂💣💥
Toasty Sauce (3 days ago)
Basically a Netflix trailer.... Shows you everything
M10 (2 days ago)
Toasty Sauce Well it is an SNL skit...
Wise Owl (3 days ago)
Who else is watching this in 2019 when her solo movie has FINALLY been announced? 😂
Zican ZHOU (3 days ago)
srsly is this a real movie? Nat doesn't date tho... it's fake right plz tell me it's fake
M10 (2 days ago)
Zican ZHOU its an SNL skit
Wow, it was fake
Mark O Neill (3 days ago)
Ring Pops R Gr8 (3 days ago)
okay hol up but why did jimmy kimmel steal the "if you dont subscribe im stuck in this box"
Wasn’t this meant to come out three years ago
Ruhan Rathod (3 days ago)
Dāvis S (3 days ago)
Diya S (3 days ago)
"coming in 2016" 2019 and still no movie smh
Leeann hell yeah man (3 days ago)
That don't make sense like they're making a black widow movie in 2020 but Ultron dies in Avengers Age of Ultron and not just that he tries to kill everybody Ultra would most likely be trying to kill her and wouldn't be in peace with humans he tried to kill all the humans in Avengers Age of Ultron it's a stupid joke
Joel Wazup (3 days ago)
hey so when is Black Widow gonna come out its 2019, I thought Marvel got on it?
redrose 101 (3 days ago)
Rip Clint's movie no one wants
Lizzie_ Laufeyson (3 days ago)
Y'all I'm still waiting for this movie.
Tanisha Guerrero (4 days ago)
Maybe they never made the movie because of endgame
Olivia Sanderson (4 days ago)
Little did they know that 6 years later they would be making a movie
CanisR3X (4 days ago)
Id honestly watch a sitcom version of the avengers
CuteKitty Studios (4 days ago)
Um where is this movie it’s about 3 years too late
bugi dog (4 days ago)
OMG at least this is better than that shitty Batwoman trailer
TheFamilt (4 days ago)
They predicted the movie.
1 million pans (4 days ago)
Is this a movie?
FoxxyChanChan (4 days ago)
Marcuz 245** (3 days ago)
At this point? Yes...
jasmine playsv-gacha (4 days ago)
It's 2019 give us the same movie already
태선우TaeSunWoo (4 days ago)
Gaming With Dee (4 days ago)
Cool fan made 👍
Emma Clifford (4 days ago)
damn you I thought this was a real movie
EST_ MoonWalker (4 days ago)
Meanwhile in 2019
Mary Mosley (4 days ago)
unique kiwi 153 (5 days ago)
Is this a joke
frank (3 days ago)
unique kiwi 153 no
Wilferd Garcia (5 days ago)
this is real?
Jessie Fusi Awantu (5 days ago)
Who's watching this 2019?
Aubrey Gwen (5 days ago)
anyone watching this in 2019 when its been announced a black widow movie in 2020
Maggie Smith (5 days ago)
This is so unrealistic! She's blonde now
Marcuz 245** (3 days ago)
This is so unrealistic.. She is alive
Nasim Akter (5 days ago)
Is black widow the actress
Derrick Spoung (5 days ago)
KahmariYT (6 days ago)
This Is Sad After Endgame
Olek btw (6 days ago)
0:38 Capitan Fatmerica
Soňaaa is my name (6 days ago)
Still better than Captain Marvel
Kalpesh Mohite (6 days ago)
J.Q covers y más (6 days ago)
Is this a parody?
¿OwO ? (6 days ago)
“But you wanna know why no Black Widow movie?” Hawkeye: am I a joke to you?
Lil queen Fan (6 days ago)
It’s 2019. Where it be? Lol jk I’m not stupid I no dis is fake
NismoFury (6 days ago)
Whatha? ... Just seeing this now in May 2019 and this was made May 2015 ... Time travel is real. 😳
archeyangel1 (6 days ago)
what a great time for youtube to put this in my recommendations AM I A JOKE TO YOU 😔
Emily Galaxy (7 days ago)
RIP NAT 2019 black widow movie 😭
Barry B Benson x (7 days ago)
I’m Getting porno vibes from this short trailer
niamh (7 days ago)
4 years later and she has announced black widows actual solo movie
Rex Croatorum (7 days ago)
Just want to understand something....Is this a comedy in the USA ?
Peter Paolo (7 days ago)
How did you do
Koko B (7 days ago)
Scarlett is the best
Movies Clips (7 days ago)
😓😓😓🙁🙁🙁 miss you
Sparkious (7 days ago)
Black widow more like dead widow No tho rip her
Rana Safi (7 days ago)
Why did I love this? 😂
Lulu Harshie (7 days ago)
They might need to rename this after an actual black widow movie comes out. But I'm going to miss her 3000
Rhea Opstad (7 days ago)
This was 4 years ago that people wanted this Now it feels put off
Nbalivemobile Hoops (7 days ago)
Did anyone notice the park scene is where the final scene in endgame was.
Alex Mazurek (7 days ago)
I would prefer the writers of Howard the Duck for 1:29
Jazzy Wazzy (8 days ago)
2019 still waiting 😑
Jazzy Wazzy (8 days ago)
2019 still waiting 😑
Sonic171000 (8 days ago)
Lol. This is a terrible joke and they knew this. Can't wait for the actual film.
Nerd Lists (8 days ago)
In the comics Black Widow attempts to settle down with her boyfriend Daredevil and become a fashion designer and fails
Acel si.Agdeppa (8 days ago)
AHAHAHA 🤣!!!!! Not Ultron.. not him!!
PrqyForTheWicked (8 days ago)
Yo why'd they leak the whole film
The whizz kid jr (8 days ago)
Its 2019 Dude
Everyday Tech (8 days ago)
Seriously she shouldn't have died in Endgame it was still too early.
mystic gohan (8 days ago)
Ultron and black widow .... now I don't feel so good

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