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L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur Review

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A review of the new L'Oreal Instant Blur Primer, comparing it to the Garnier 5 Second Blur primer.... Review of the Garnier 5 Second Blur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9AXUv9-FDc My Makeup & Nails today: Eyes - Bellapiere Eyeshadow in Celebration Lips - MAC Brick lip liner & Rimmel lipstick in 111 Nails: Harvey Nichols LED polish "9 Inch Heels" Join me here: Pinterest http://pinterest.com/mrsginger2013/boards/ Personal Facebook: www.facebook.com/karenmaitland.12 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mrsginger2013/137941569721231?ref=hl Blog: http://andsotothemirror.blogspot.co.uk/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/mrsginger2013 Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEgCN3N2z5PDlE8slw8MTHA
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Text Comments (22)
natassa korn (3 years ago)
so helpfull review!thanks!
Ali B (3 years ago)
I use this L'Oreal product (I love the entire SP range actually) and read somewhere that it reflects your own skin colour and that's why it can appear tinted. It's a nice product though and I prefer it to a primer I bought because it feels smoother. I just wish I could get the eye cream from this range. As usual Australia can't get it except on eBay (and I won't buy cosmetics from eBay).
Emma (4 years ago)
Good video- I have one, and I love it- it's not tinted
Shelley883333 (4 years ago)
I have now purchased 2 of these L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur.  As you can see in my last comment about this product - I LOVE it!  I also said that in my tube the cream was tinted - well in my new tube it's not!  It's absolutely colourless.  So either L'Oreal has just changed the formula of it - or maybe it depends on which country it's imported from?  Don't know - but either way it works like a dream!  Pores are really well hidden. 
Josie (4 years ago)
i bought mine today, and yes mine was a tinted colour (Australia) 
Shelley883333 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video - I bought it today and mine is tinted.  It's the colour of a pale ivory foundation.which covers imperfections well. I prefer it to Smashbox (even the tinted ones) as I find it has more coverage and therefore is more efficient at reducing any redness on cheeks.  Not sure why the box says 'Action age 20-30yrs'  I am in my 60s and have only just started to use a primer to camouflage pores and lines - surely 20-30 yr olds don't need it!  Nice product - not the cheapest - but I like it!
Gemima Puddlequack (4 years ago)
But we do need it lol im 24 and have fine lines under my eyes and very dry uneven skin texture so need some filling in :D 
Mrs Ginger Beauty (5 years ago)
Hehe, I agree, 20-30 year olds don't need it most likely! Karen x
AmylinleyX (5 years ago)
Hi hun,I've been using all these type of things for a while and have just bought the avon magix face perfector and I love it,it really is great on my oily t-zone and fills my pores plus my foundation goes on so smooth looking,the texture is a bit odd but tbh that doesn't bother me if it works,thought I'd let you know about this product ( think its a new formula,in the book it says new) xcx
Mrs Ginger Beauty (5 years ago)
Thanks hun - I'll add that to my wish list :0) x
Mrs Ginger Beauty (5 years ago)
I have super oily & sometimes acne skin. x
Queenie pops (5 years ago)
Thanks for this. Great review. May I ask what skin type you have
Shahad Al Dulaimi (5 years ago)
Hello, I also brought the same and its not tinted I don't get it too hahah
mousulus (5 years ago)
Yes! Thank you for reviewing this product! Yay!
Mrs Ginger Beauty (5 years ago)
Thank you so much Sophie - I just feel like I'm talking to a bunch of girl pals :0) Karen x
hmm101alot (5 years ago)
karen - did you know your vid comes up when you search "L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur" in google - that is an achievement! congrats :-)
YasmineNadia2186 (5 years ago)
I just purchased this today and I've noticed it said 'tinted' but mine comes out white too! Thanks for doing this review looking forward to wearing mine! x
Mrs Ginger Beauty (5 years ago)
Hi Kirsty, I didn't find it balled up on my skin no, but I'll look out for that when using it up hehe. x
lizk1216 (5 years ago)
I haven't really paid attention to these products, is it a primer or a seperate step. I wear bare minerals powders and always use primer, don't really need more steps, gets a bit overwhelming :)
katy carrick (5 years ago)
I was looking at these today in boots so this was really interesting....I never bought any of the, cause I was unsure and I have a few high end primers which I only use only on proper night outs.. Would love to here your reviews of all the primers you have ..x
Nikki London (5 years ago)
so did I lol
Kirsty Appleby (5 years ago)
I am so glad you mentioned that the Garnier Primer has the airy lumpy texture! I thought I had a duff tube! I am finding it balls up slightly on my skin too, do you find this?? I will certainly be trying the Loreal one now..Thanks for the review!! x

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